California Mail In Tally: Prop Ballot Explained ?! I’m so baffled!

California Mail In Tally: Prop Ballot Explained ?! I’m so baffled!

This is for entertainment and self documentary functions just. Please do not take my analyses to heart.

I was very baffled by all the propositions I needed to vote on. Your house, the senate and school boards were even worse!

There are a lot of governmental parties I was not familiar with.

Trump, Biden
Harris, Pence

who you got?

What’s your thoughts on Prop 22? Trip Share business invested over $100 million to get you to vote Yes on this one.

CISS Proposition 14 Bonds Issues $5.5 billion in bonds for state stem cell research institute
CICA Proposition 15 Taxes Needs industrial and industrial homes to be taxed based on market value and commits earnings
LRCA Proposal 16 Affirmative Action Rescinds Proposal 209 (1996), which says that the state can not discriminate or approve favoritism based on race, sex, color, ethnic culture, or nationwide origin in public work, education, or contracting
LRCA Proposal 17 Suffrage Restores the right to vote to individuals founded guilty of felonies who are on parole
LRCA Proposition 18 Suffrage Permits 17- year-olds who will be 18 at the time of the next basic election to vote in primaries and unique elections
LRCA Proposal 19 Taxes Modifications tax evaluation transfers and inheritance rules
CISS Proposition 20 Law Enforcement Makes modifications to policies associated with criminal sentencing charges, prison release, and DNA collection
CISS Proposition 21 Housing Broadens local governments’ power to use rent control
CISS Proposal 22 Company Considers app-based drivers to be independent professionals and enacts several labor policies connected to app-based companies
CISS Proposition 23 Healthcare Requires doctor on-site at dialysis centers and authorization from the state for a clinic to close
CISS Proposal 24 Business Expands the arrangements of the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA) and creates the California Privacy Protection Agency to carry out and enforce the CCPA
VR Proposal 25 Trials Replaces money bail with risk assessments for suspects waiting for trial

San Francisco, California:

– Proposal A, Bond Concern
– Proposal B, Public Functions Commission and Sanitation and Streets Commission Charter Amendment
– Proposal C, Member of City Body Eligibility Requirements Charter Change
– Proposal D, Constable’s Department Oversight Board Charter Change
– Proposition E, Authorities Staffing Charter Amendment
– Proposition F, Organization and Tax Regulations Code Charter Modification
– Proposition G, Regional Election Voting Age Charter Amendment
– Proposition H, Preparation Code Change
– Proposal I, Real Estate Transfer Tax
– Proposition K, Inexpensive Real Estate Permission
– Proposition L, Service Tax
– Proposition J, Parcel Tax

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  1. Biker Bear October 12, 2020 at 7:31 pm -

    A bond is the federal government borrowing cash in your name to invest cash it doesn'' t have today to spend for stuff.if you think there must be more taxes please vote for bondsIf you believe the federal government currently takes more than their share of your labor than constantly vote no for all bonds.